Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trash Talk Thursday: Raisin Rack Redeux

Hidden behind a stack of framed posters, the rustic wood of this old raisin drying rack caught my eye while browsing at a charity thrift store. As was the wall art trend of the 1960's, a poster had been cut and d├ęcoupaged onto the 3 wooden slats, covering but also preserving the primitive wood which lie beneath. 

Using a wallpaper scorer, I made some small holes in the poster paper.  Then I mixed equal parts of hot tap water and liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle, spraying & gently scraping small sections with a plastic putty knife. When the poster was completely removed, I rinsed the residue with a hose & allowed the drying rack to dry in the sun. The slats allowed space to add 'S' hooks, providing a great place to hang bunches of herbs and flowers for drying.   

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  1. Donna, this is a beautiful drying rack. Thank goodness you have a good eye for possibilities!It has an air of elegance about it as well as the lines are neat and beautifully finished.

    Mary Ballester

  2. Donna, That is your most amazing makeover yet and you've always amazed me so that says a lot. I had no idea that you could remove the decoupaged poster.