Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trash Talk Thursday: Not So Fruity Peg Rack

Watermelons and shaker pegs were both popular decorating motifs in the 1980’s, with this $1.00 thrift store score featuring plenty of both.
After sanding the painted melons with medium grit sandpaper, I covered the shelf with 2 coats of flat Federal Blue wall paint. When dry, I lightly sanded around the edges, then brushed off the paint dust. Noticing the carved half circles resembled bunting flags, I decided to cut & glue some paper flags from an old catalog.

Once the wood glue was completely dry, I gently wiped water-based wood stain over the entire surface with a cotton rag, for a time-worn (not so fruity)patriotic look.

Happy Summer!
copyright 2013

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