Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trash Talk Thursday: Faux Pewter

As featured in my former Trash To Treasure column, Fall 2012 issue of A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine (page 101) here is an easy way to fake pewter!
By using paint, I recycled this .50 ceramic 1980’s goose pitcher to what now looks like old Pewter...

 I sprayed a liberal coat of flat black generic spray paint, then added a light coat of Rustoleum Texture spray. When completely dry, I used my electric palm sander with medium grit paper to sand the texture just enough to create what looks like pitting on old Pewter, then painted the entire surface with Deco Art Metallic Dark Patina craft paint (purchased at Michael’s Arts & Crafts). For a darker patina look, I rubbed watered-down black acrylic paint over the ridges with a cotton rag.
This same process also works on plastic, metal, or wood ~ experiment on different surfaces. My own experimentation included plastic disposable serving utensils & spoons ~ the 'pewter' spoons came out looking just like the real thing for displaying on a spoon rack! 
(Note: once painted, wares are for decorative purposes only; not for food or beverage use)

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