Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trash Talk Thursday: Faking Salt Glazing

Antique salt glazed pottery has been highly collectible for several years, with prices which reflect it’s scarceness and desirability. While you wait to find that diamond in the rough, create a fake!
This 1980’s kitchen crock was a yard sale find. You can use just about any jug or jar to create your own fake salt glazed vessel.
To add texture and dimension, I applied a light coating of Plasti-kote Fleck Stone texture spray paint over the entire crock surface, followed by a coat of Suede colored acrylic craft paint.

When completely dry, I dipped a cotton rag in oil-based walnut wood stain and rubbed it over the painted surface, using a clean rag to blot the excess and create an aged look. Using pictures of museum collections for inspiration, I used a piece of chalk to outline a bird design of my own on the painted/stained crock, then used cobalt blue puffy paint over the outline. To seal the deal, I added a coat of clear matte acrylic spray sealer. 
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  1. Oh, my! I love this! There sure are a lot of plain jane crocks out there! What a way to make them fit a prim decor! I so want to try this! Thank you for sharing your tutorial. Very, very ingenious!


  2. Wow!
    What a wonderful idea.
    Thanks for sharing


  3. You are brilliant! I have some not so old crocks that are about to get 'fauxed', thanks for the tutorial! Deb