Friday, May 16, 2014

Sew~So To Star~Spangled Apothecary

After several years of painting/distressing/antiquing vintage finds for others, it's nice to have some time to recycle some junque finds for myself lately! This week I scored this cute little sewing notions apothecary at a local thrift shop.

After removing the notions & motifs adorning the drawers with fine grit sandpaper, I applied a thin even basecoat of Vintage color Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint (available at Home Depot and Michael's).

Then I mixed equal parts Cobalt & Admiral Blue acrylic craft paint (.50 cents per bottle, Walmart) for a second coat, followed by a final dry-brush coat of Admiral to darken the color up a bit.
The next day, I used fine grit sandpaper to distress & age just around the edges, followed by wiping a light even coat of oil-based wood stain (Walnut) over the painted surface with a dry cotton rag, allowing a couple of days drying time.

I'm going to use the updated little cabinet to stash the patriotic & military odds & ends I've picked up through the years. 
Have a great week!
~Donna at Red Shed Vintage© copyright 2014 
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  1. Oh Donna, I just looked at the chalky paint last week at HD but wasn't sure how well it would cover. Now I know and I'll pick some up because your makeover looks amazing.

    1. Hi Donna! I love the excellent coverage and superior adhesion that this new chalk paint gives, but I only purchased one color and it's far too pastel for my personal preference. It runs about $8.50 for an 8 oz. tub at Home Depot, far more than I'm used to paying for paint. I did find more of an assortment of darker colors at Michael's Arts & Crafts & it was about $1.50 cheaper, so I'm going to use one of their 40% off coupons next week to try another color at a discounted cost! ;-)