Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trash Talk Thursday: Framed Display Boards!

Got some old frames? Convert them to display boards!
Recycled old frames make great memo or photo boards ~ here's a cheap and easy way to do it yourself. Whether for use as an ever-changing photo or treasure display, pinning to-do lists or business cards, a jewelry pin collection, or as a special gift for the college student leaving home for the first time ~ any wooden frame will work.
I chose assorted colors and sizes to make a batch of recycled frame boards (painted, distressed, and antiqued with wall paint) but unpainted wooden frames will work just as well.
You'll need a piece of project board (in the school supply section at Dollar Tree)
Burlap (or fabric)
Using the frame as a template, I cut the project board to fit inside the frame & cut a piece of burlap large enough to wrap around the board. I spread some glue over the board with a sponge applicator (optional, a finger works just as well!) and flattened the burlap with a wallpaper roller (also optional, the palm of your hand works just as well) folding the excess edges over on the back. When the front was dry, I placed the board into the frame, cut the excess burlap off the back, and had cheap & easy bulletin style boards ~ ready for use with thumbtacks or pins!
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