Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trash Talk Tuesdays Tutorial: Kitty Condo!

This week's Trash Talk Tuesday is happening on Wednesday, as I forgot yesterday! I do hope you'll excuse my forgetfulness. Without further ado ~ here is how to make a kitty condo out of an old ladder...
Cats love to climb & have a perch to look down from, and indoor cats are no exception. Instead of purchasing an expensive carpet covered kitty condo from the pet store, we wanted something unique & vintage for our 2 cats to call their own. As luck would have it, a Hospice thrift store had just the right alternative start to a kitty condo in the form of an antique wooden painter’s ladder, priced right at just $8.00!

Still needing wood slats for the condo floors, I happened to have a set of pine Ikea daybed slats in the garage from a discarded bed frame which fit perfectly.

After tightening all the ladder screws for safety, I applied 2 coats of Soldier Blue interior flat paint on the ladder. The bed slats were held together with strips of canvas, which I removed & painted the slats Barn Red interior flat paint. I rubbed water based Minwax rubbing stain on the ladder & slats with a cotton rag, then drilled holes on both ends to securely attach the slats to the ladder when the finish was completely dry.

After wrapping some sisal rope around the bottom for a scratching post, we added quilts, a basket, and a basement box. A litter box would also fit nicely under the ladder.
The kitties now have their own prim condo with a picture window view, and love spending time napping, playing, and contemplating primal hunting expeditions.

copyright 2013
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  1. I'm stealing this idea Donna 'cause Clarice would so, so love it and so would I.

    1. Steal away, lol! It keeps them off the desks, anyway :-)