Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trash Talk Tuesdays: DIY Pie Safe Doors Rule

In a small measure of time, you can convert a plain bookshelf, cabinet or dresser into a primitive pie safe. The 'rule' of thumb: keep it simple! The use of vintage or new rulers as door frames will help.
 Using punched tin panels purchased from Irvin’s Country Tinware and yardstick rulers gathered from thrift shops & hardware stores, I created 2 doors to fit this old hallowed out radio cabinet I scored on trash night & painted. A dresser or book shelf would work just as well, as would chicken wire or screen instead of the tin panels.
To make your own tin punch panels from scraps of sheet metal or screen door kick panels, check out my youtube tutorial for making punched tin panels.
I measured the cabinet opening, then cut the yardsticks with a jigsaw to make front & back frames for the 2 doors (note: always use protective eye gear and follow power tool safety instructions) 

I sandwiched the punched tin panels between the ruler frames and drilled holes, adding some wood glue for reinforcement before sealing the corners of the make-do doors with wood screws. Finally, I added cabinet hinges to attach the doors on my cabinet ~ and now have a primitive pie safe cupboard!

Here's what the roadside rubble radio cabinet looked like when I first dragged it home ~ tune in next Tuesday to see how I revived & recycled it into a cool storage cabinet...

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  1. Donna,
    Another amazing makeover! I think i will show this one to Mark and put it on my honey do list. I have collected alot of yard the last few years and didn't really have a plan for them. I can't wait to see your new section in MG magazine.

  2. Thank you, Donna! I really appreciate your compliments! :-)
    I saved the ruler scraps (of course, lol) because I saw where someone made little spice box drawers out of them atan antique show. As much as I disliked Math while I was growing up, it sure is fun playing with the units of measure now!