Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Miniature Primitive Garden

I'm sure the neighbors must think I'm bonkers, out in the yard playing like a kid & surely taking more photos of my toys than get snapped of America's top models.
I really had SO much fun creating the portable miniature primitive garden makeover for the Summer 2012 issue of A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine!

The rusty trash pile wheelbarrow stunk to high Heaven, I'm certain I saw a few dried Florida lizard skeletons amidst the debris before cleaning it out & painting...

Rusted holes = great plant drainage! 
 At first it was just going to be an ordinary painted wheelbarrow but that seemed rather boring, so I thought about what else it could be for awhile...
 Once I came up with a plan, it was like child's play from there on out!
Stone wall dollhouse stencil (from yard sale) + fleck stone spray = garden 'wall'

I added a decorative birdhouse from my collection, by placing it on a pie basket riser
Added miniatures I already had on hand ~ brick flooring = plastic roll from Christmas village supplies, Michael's Arts & Crafts

The birdhouse is an upside down miniature clay pot topped w/a small clay pot tray! Dollhouse roof shingles border the aquarium gravel, the mini shrooms & bird were from my junk drawer
The outhouse is a $1.00 lean-to birdhouse ornament, I added dollhouse shingles & scrap balsa wood faux door. Twigs hold up the clothesline w/string holding tiny antique quilt scraps

Battery operated LED tealites in the windows

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