Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easy Wax Ornaments

* Portions of this trash to treasure project of mine were featured in the Winter 2011 edition of A Primitive Place Magazine! *
When beeswax candles burn down to nubs, don’t throw them away ~ recycle them as simple ornaments. You’ll need a small cooking pot which you don’t plan to cook in anymore (preferably one with a pouring spout) assorted small candy molds, tartlet pans, clay or wooden cookie molds, or jello molds, beeswax (or soy) non-toxic candle nubs & pieces, a paper towel with a few dabs of cooking oil to lightly grease the molds, and old ice tongs or toothpicks, and a tray or cutting board to catch spilled wax.
Sort the candle nubs & pieces according to color, if desired, place in the dry cooking pot and melt over very low heat ~ or better yet, melt in an electric tart warmer. Just leave the wicks right in them, they can be removed later with the tongs or a toothpick. If desired, you can add some liquid candle dye (available in candle making section at craft stores, or on to make black or other color ornaments.

When wax becomes liquid, carefully pour into the molds and let them cool until wax hardens. Turn molds upside down and slap gently to remove, insert an ornament hook through the center top, and hang on tree or gifts. If scented candles are used, they also act as air fresheners ~ you can also rub your finished ornaments in a ziplock full of your favorite spices to add scent.
Save the wax melting pot as a container for future nubs, the tartlet pans also make great pantry cakes.

You can also experiment using various scented wax squares which are made to melt in a tart burner (Walmart has some great scented squares for just $2.00-$3.00 per pack) and silicone baking pans or ice cube trays with assorted whimsical shapes.
Never leave warm wax unattended or in the reach of children, as directed on candle & wax package safety warnings, and be sure to protect your hands with potholders!© copyright 2014
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